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The Cutting Edge Years


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May 22, 2012


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Track Listing

Title Duration
Cutting Edge // One & Two 0:00
Message of the Cross 4:47
Singers Song 4:29
Lord You Have My Heart 2:58
What Is This Thing Called Love? 5:01
The Crucible for Silver 3:44
Thank You for Saving Me 7:02
The Happy Song 4:29
Prophet Song 7:49
King of Love 2:50
Coming Back 5:08
Lead Me 6:03
I Could Sing of Your Love Forever 6:10
Cutting Edge // Three & Fore 0:00
Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble 9:48
I've Found Jesus 4:59
Oh Lead Me 4:55
Shaken Up 5:36
I'm Not Ashamed 6:46
Find Me In the River 5:13
Louder Than the Radio 4:10
You Split the Earth 5:00
When All Around Has Fallen 6:03
I've Searched for Gold 3:18
Shout to the North 4:17
All I Want Is You 5:09
Obsession 8:37
Cutting Edge // Live & In The Can 0:00
Spontaneous [Part 1] 1:06
I'm Not Ashamed 6:37
Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble 5:25
Spontaneous [Part 2] 3:15
Oh Lead Me 3:45
Obsession 9:01
Spontaneous [Part 3] 2:04
Spontaneous [Part 4] 2:08
Come Like You Promise 3:23
Spontaneous [Part 5] 2:29
Spontaneous [Part 6] 3:37
What a Friend I've Found 5:06
Spontaneous [Part 7] 1:37
I've Found Jesus 5:11
Spontaneous [Part 8] 3:18
The Lord's Prayer 2:02
Cutting Edge // DVD 0:00
I'm Not Ashamed 0:00
The Happy Song 0:00
Shout to the North 0:00
Thank You for Saving Me / White Ribbon Day 0:00
I Could Sing of Your Love Forever 0:00
Find Me in the River 0:00
Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble 0:00
Dance in the River 0:00
I Could Sing of Your Love Forever (video) 0:00
The Delirious? Story 0:00

 3CDs and a DVD celebrating the 20 year anniversary of the Cutting Edge albums released by Delirious in the 1990s.


Member Role
Denis Blackham Mastered
Paul Burton Live Sound, Editor
Delirious? Producer
Stuart Garrard Songwriter, Electric Guitars, Slide, E-bow, Vocals
Tim Jupp Keyboards, Hammond Organ, Accordion
Jussy McLean Additional Vocals
Kenny Mitchell Decks, Guest DJ
Andy Piercy Producer
Stewart Smith Drums, Percussion, Background Vocals
Martin Smith Songwriter, Acoustic, Mandolin, Electric Guitars, Vocals
Jon Thatcher Bass
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