Gary S. Paxton

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Jan 01, 1977


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Track Listing

Title Duration
Lord, You've Been Too Good To Me 3:45
Jesus Is My Lawyer In Heaven 2:45
Whiskey Wet 3:10
Evidence 3:44
(Lord Help Me To Be) Selfless 3:10
I'm Hooked On a Good Thing 4:23
When the Meat Wagon Comes For You 4:04
The World Didn't Give It To Me 3:30
No Shortage 3:24
There Goes a Cigar Smokin' a Man 3:48
Nineveh Noose 4:17
Soul Control 3:27


Member Role
Ruby Karen Adams Songwriter
Stu Basore Steel Guitar
Hayward Bishop Drums
Roger Bissell Horns
Roger Bissell Horns
Harold Bradley Guitar
John Darnell Conductor
Buddy Emmons Steel Guitar
Phil Forrest Horns
Gloria Gaither Songwriter
William Gaither Songwriter
Gary Paxton Singers Background Vocals
Steve Gibson Guitar
Dennis Good Horns
Randy Goodrum Keyboards, Bass, Moog Bass
Sammy Hall Keyboards
Shane Keister Arrangements, Conductor, Keyboards, Bass, Moog Bass
Randy Kling Mastered
Larrie Londin Drums
Bob MacKenzie Producer
Kenny Malone Drums
Glenn Meadows Mastered
Tony Migliore Keyboard, Bass
Farrell Morris Percussion
Ron Oates Keyboards
Mel Owens Percussion
Gary S. Paxton Producer, Songwriter, Arrangements, Engineer, Remix, Vocals
Warren Peterson Engineer, Remix
Billy Puett Horns
Norm Reynolds Horns
Ron Reynolds Engineer
Hargus Robbins Keyboards
Billy Sanford Guitar
Steve Schaffer Bass
Don Sheffield Horns
Buddy Skipper Arrangements, Conductor, Keyboards, Horns
Denis Solee Horns
George Tidwell Horns
Travis Turk Engineer
Don Tweedy Arrangements
Pete Wade Guitar
Mo West Guitar
Hank Williams Engineer
Jack Williams Bass
Reggie Young Guitar
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