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Gary Oliver

Gary Oliver


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Jan 01, 1995


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Track Listing

Title Duration
I Know He's Able 0:00
He Really Will 0:00
Resting Place 0:00
Send Me 0:00
I've Got a Song 0:00
Dance! Shout! 0:00
Walk in the Light 0:00
Trust Me 0:00
What It's All About 0:00
Spirit of the Lord Divine 0:00


Member Role
Songwriter, Clavinet, Vocals
Mark Baldwin Guitar
Steve Brewster Drums
Dan Cleary Producer, Songwriter, engineer
Missy Clements Choir
Eric Darken Percussion
Bill Deaton Mixed
Carolyn Dennis Choir
Alphie Durio Vocals, Choir
Denise Graves Songwriter
Mike Haynes Horns
Tom Hemby Guitar
Joe Hogue Keyboards, Bass, Percussion
David Huntsinger Keyboards
Mark Ivey Choir
John Jaszcz Engineer, Mixed
Tammy Jensen Choir
Tom Laune Engineer, Mixed
Gary Lunn Bass
Blair Masters Keyboards, Percussion
Chris McDonald Horns
Jerry McPherson Guitar
Michael Mellett Choir
Rick Nelson Choir
Guy Penrod Choir
Carol Perry Choir
Darlene Perry Choir
Lori Perry Choir
Sharon Perry Choir
Louis Price Vocals, Choir
Camille Schmidt Choir
Jane Sherberg Choir
Debbie Smith Vocals, Choir
Scott Smith Keyboards, Bass, Drums, Percussion
Denis Solee Horns
Jackie Street Bass
Brett Swain Engineer
Leah Taylor Choir
George Tidwell Horns
Tedd Tjornhom Songwriter, Keyboards, Bass, Drums, Percussion
Melodie Tunney Choir
Tata Vega Vocals
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