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    Cover Image Title Artist Release Date Release Number
    The History of God and Man The History of God and Man Paul Aldrich 1-Jan-1994
    Fret Buzz Fret Buzz Acoustic Shack 1-Jan-1993 84418-88832
    To Germany With Love To Germany With Love Bloodgood 1-Jan-1993
    Meet Paul Aldrich Meet Paul Aldrich Paul Aldrich 1-Jan-1992 84418-88672
    Love Finds You Love Finds You Paul Aldrich 1-Jan-1992
    Word 2 the Wize Word 2 the Wize Dynamic Twins 7-May-1991 710-0520-673
    All Stand Together All Stand Together Bloodgood 1-Jan-1991 CD08793
    A Saved Man (In the Jungle) A Saved Man (In the Jungle) S.F.C. 1-Jan-1990 710-0519-675
    Homeboys Homeboys Adam Again 1-Jan-1990 710-0515-67X
    Balance of Power Balance of Power Undercover 1-Jan-1990 710-0516-846
    Sticks and Stones Sticks and Stones Seventy Sevens 1-Jan-1990 7100518679
    Never Give Up Never Give Up JC and the Boyz 1-Jan-1989 710-0510-678
    Big Big Town Big Big Town Riki Michele 1-Jan-1989 710-0508-673
    Restless Heart Restless Heart The Holidays 1-Jan-1989
    Listen Up Listen Up S.F.C. 1-Jan-1989 710-0512-670
    Volume 2 Volume 2 Undercover 1-Jan-1989 710-0511-674
    Sacrifice Sacrifice 441 1-Mar-1988 7-10-050667-0
    Momento Mori Momento Mori Level Heads 1-Jan-1988 710-0501-679
    Ten Songs by Adam Again Ten Songs by Adam Again Adam Again 1-Jan-1988 710-0502-675
    3-28-87 3-28-87 Undercover 1-Jan-1988 BRK-0500
    Everything Is Now Everything Is Now The Holidays 1-Jan-1988 710-0505-844
    Volume 1 Volume 1 Undercover 1-Jan-1988 710-0504-678
    Heaven Is Calling Heaven Is Calling Common Bond 1-Jan-1986 710-0307-821
    The Revelation The Revelation Daniel Amos 1-Jan-1986
    Voices in Shadows Voices in Shadows The Choir 1-Jan-1985 710-0300-827
    Revelation Revelation Darrell Mansfield 1-Jan-1985 701-0306-825
    When You're A Rebel When You're A Rebel Altar Boys 1-Jan-1985 710-0302-846
    Incandescent Incandescent Crumbacher 1-Jan-1985

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