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    Larry Norman: Live at Flevo

    Album Info:

    • Release Date: 1-Jan-1991
    • Label: Solid Rock
    • Release #: SK-7004


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    A Solid Rock import release recorded live with the band Q-Stone in August 1989 in the Netherlands.

    Track Listing:

    My Feet Are on the Rock    00:00
    Nightmare #49 (Part One)    00:00
    He Really Loves You    00:00
    Letters to the Church    00:00
    Medley (Everybody Work / Twist and Shout / Shout)    00:00
    Twelve Good Men    00:00
    Be Careful What You Sign    00:00
    Why Should the Devil Have All the Good Music    00:00
    Medley (Soon I Will Be Home / It's Only Today That Counts / I Am a Servant)    00:00
    The Outlaw    00:00
    Why Don't You Look Into Jesus    00:00
    Rock That Doesn't Roll    00:00
    Medley (I Wish We'd All Been Ready / UFO)    00:00
    Messiah    00:00


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