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Sweet Comfort Band: Definitive Collection

Album Info:

  • Release Date: 1-Jan-2001
  • Label: M8
  • Release #: M8D-1112


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A limited edition (1500 made) 2-disc set containing four complete albums: Breakin' the Ice, Hold on Tight, Hearts of Fire and Cutting Edge.

Track Listing:

Got to Believe    00:00
Breakin' the Ice    00:00
Young Girl    00:00
Melody, Harmony    00:00
I Need Your Love Again    00:00
Good Feelin'    00:00
Searchin' for Love    00:00
The Lord Is Calling    00:00
I Love You with My Life    00:00
Hold On Tight    00:00
Take It - Save It    00:00
Falling Star    00:00
You're the One    00:00
Angel    00:00
Undecided    00:00
Don't Tell Me    00:00
Chasin' the Wind    00:00
Carry Me    00:00
More than You Need    00:00
Find Your Way    00:00
Isabel    00:00
You Can Make It    00:00
They Just Go On    00:00
The Road    00:00
Feel Like Singin'    00:00
Now or Never    00:00
Can You Help Me    00:00
Contender    00:00
Just Like Me    00:00
You Need a Reason    00:00
Runnin' to Win    00:00
What Have You Got?    00:00
Falling in Love with You    00:00
Haven't Seen You    00:00
Breakdown Love    00:00
Valerie    00:00
Changed Hearts    00:00
Live It    00:00
What Did It Mean?    00:00
Armed and Ready    00:00


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Sweet Comfort Band: The Definitive Collection
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