Trent Hemphill

Trent Hemphill is listed in the credits for the following albums:

Year Artist Album Role
1983 The Hemphills Louisiana Live Keyboards, Vocals
1984 The Hemphills Together Producer, Piano, Vocals
1985 The Hemphills Excited! Producer, Songwriter, Vocals

Trent Hemphill

Trent Hemphill has been a member of:

Trent Hemphill is a musician, songwriter, business man, husband and father. But despite his hectic schedule he is also an active participant in his home church as pianist for the worship team. Trent has always preferred to be behind the scene with the family group but his spirit and determination was a driving force that kept the group going in difficult times.

Trent started with his family by playing bass guitar when he was 14. By the time he was 16 he had moved to the keyboard and was directing the Hemphill band, which included steel guitar, bass and drums. Known as an "idea" man by his family Trent's input and voice has always been valued when decisions were being made. he knew the "Hemphill Sound" better than anyone and during the production of new recordings Trent was a must. The treatment of a song musically or the way it as delivered had to feel right to him. He co-produced and produced the last several albums recorded by the Hemphill Family and was awarded a Dove in 1985 and 1989. Trent also wrote for and co-produced several heirloom projects with songs "I Know Jesus" and "Then You Came And Made It Right", charting in the top 20 and also his current song "I'm Bound For A City" recorded by the Perry's in 1996.

Bethni Puckett Hemphill, Trent's wife is also well known in Gospel Music circles having worked for record companies and producing videos and television shows including "Homeland Harmony". In 1996 Bethni received the Hearts Aflame Award for her producing skills for the Cathedrals Reunion video. They have 2 adorable children Madeline and little William Trent II.

Where are they Now: 

Trent, along with his brother Joey, run Hemphill Brothers Coach Company, leasing touring busses to many of the top entertainment acts in the country.

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