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Sara Groves

The Collection

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Sep 17, 2013


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A two-disc collection from 15 years of the music of Sara Groves.

Track Listing

Title Duration
Strangely Ready 3:49
Maybe There's a Loving God 5:12
The Word 4:09
You Are the Sun 5:15
Something Changed 3:45
Add to the Beauty 4:13
How Is It Between Us 4:07
Awakening 4:07
Fly 4:23
Painting Pictures of Egypt 4:26
You Cannot Lose My Love 2:35
He's Always Been Faithful 3:51
Blessed Be The Tie 2:58
Lay It Down 3:22
When The Saints 4:12
Eyes Wide Open 3:30
Come Thou Fount 5:30
Every Minute 4:58
Fireflies and Songs 3:25
Setting Up the Pins 2:43
Miracle 3:37
Roll to the Middle 3:10
I Saw What I Saw 4:18
All Right Here 4:18
Eyes On the Prize 4:43
Why It Matters 3:49
Kindness of Strangers 3:41

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