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    Blonde Vinyl

    Cover Image Title Artist Release Date Release Number
    Revelation 1921 Revelation 1921 Wigtop 1-Jan-1992 BVCD-3452
    Plague of Ethyls Plague of Ethyls Plague of Ethyls 1-Jan-1992 BVCD-3542
    The Young and the Reckless The Young and the Reckless Veil of Ashes 1-Jan-1992
    Love Gift Love Gift Breakfast With Amy 1-Jan-1992 BVCD-3484
    Screaming Brittle Siren Screaming Brittle Siren Michael Knott 1-Jan-1992 BVCD-3432
    Jesus Jesus Dance House Children 1-Jan-1992 BVCD-3382
    Grape Prophet, The Grape Prophet, The L.S.U. 1-Jan-1992 BVCD-3422
    Sylph Sylph Writ On Water 1-Jan-1992 BVCD-3552
    Dad Dad Breakfast With Amy 1-Jan-1991 BVCD-5555
    Grieve Grieve Sincerely Paul 1-Jan-1991 BVCD-3312
    Acoustic Shack Acoustic Shack Acoustic Shack 1-Jan-1991 BVCD3322
    Songs and Stories Songs and Stories Dance House Children 1-Jan-1991 BVCD-3251
    Fluffy Luvs You Fluffy Luvs You Fluffy 1-Jan-1991 BVCD-3262
    Poplife Poplife Lifesavers 1-Jan-1991 BVCD-3232
    Windy Lyre Windy Lyre Windy Lyre 1-Jan-1991 BVCD-3222
    This Is the Healing This Is the Healing L.S.U. 1-Jan-1991 BVCD-3212
    Prints of Darkness Prints of Darkness Dead Artist Syndrome 1-Jan-1990 BVCD-3352
    Wakin' Up the Dead Wakin' Up the Dead L.S.U. 1-Jan-1989 BVCD-3362

    Blonde Vinyl records started as imprint for two of Michael Knott's independent releases in 1984 and 1989. Sometime in 1990 or 1991, Michael decided to turn Blonde Vinyl into a full music label. The Christian music industry had started to grow a little stale during this time, so Knott decided to focus on developing bands that were creative and edgy. Blonde Vinyl released albums by bands that played styles of music that weren't very popular with the pop crowd, from punk to grunge, gothic to industrial, and synthpop to spoken word. In all, 32 albums and 3 compilations were released by Blonde Vinyl Records and/or one of the 3 official sub-labels, all of which were released on cassette and compact disc. When Blonde Vinyl's distributor (Spectra) went under in 1993, Michael attempted to resurrect Blonde Vinyl under the name of Siren records. This was a very short-lived attempt. Blonde Vinyl paved the way for the much more successful Tooth & Nail records, who inherited many unreleased Blonde Vinyl bands in 1993.

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