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    Wigtop: Revelation 1921

    Album Info:

    • Release Date: 1-Jan-1992
    • Label: Blonde Vinyl
    • Release #: BVCD-3452


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    "Alternative Dance Music" is the accurate description in the liner notes of this disc. Not totally a dance album (yet still traveling there), and definitely a strange, alternative approach. Interesting, experimental, creative.

    Track Listing:

    A Prisoner Chained    Unknown
    Cry of the Harlot    Unknown
    Spiritdriver    Unknown
    March of Souls    Unknown
    Morningstar    Unknown
    In the Desert    Unknown
    Revelation 1921    Unknown
    Higher    Unknown
    Harlot 12" Mix    Unknown
    Revelation "By the Way" Megamix    Unknown


    Musician Credits:


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    Created by admin - 26-July-2010
    Last Edited by admin - 26-July-2010

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