Shine Bright Baby

Jul 17, 2015
Jul 23, 2013
May 25, 2009
Sep 09, 2008

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Shine Bright Baby

Shine Bright Baby is a Christian contemporary-rock band from Orrville, Ohio. They are on the BEC Recordings label, which they released their first studio album on July 23, 2013 entitled Dreamers.

Emily and Nathan Fertig started by leading youth worship services at their church in 2007. The band solidified in 2009 with their current membership. At this time, Shine Bright Baby was spotted at the Alive Festival by the Tooth & Nail Records label, but it was not until 2012 when they were introduced to BEC Recordings by Tooth & Nail. Lastly, Emily stated that they did not get serious in making music until 2010.

According to CCM Magazine, the band took their name from Philippians 2. In addition, they told Christian Music Zine that the name was because the scripture "talks about shining brightly for Christ, just like the stars in the universe."

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July 16, 2015

SEATTLE, WASH – BEC Recordings announces SHINEBRIGHT’s highly anticipated EP, Only You, set to drop July 17.

May 09, 2013

Nashville, Tenn – BEC Recordings is set to release the first recording from the band Shine Bright Baby. The national debut disc from the worshipful electronic rockers, titled Dreamers, is set to release July 23.

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