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Billy Sprague

Songs in the Key of Awe


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Jan 01, 2014


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Track Listing

Title Duration
Life Begins Now 0:00
Friend of a Heart Like Mine 0:00
Overflow 0:00
To Be Grateful 0:00
Make Us One 0:00
Thank You Lord 0:00
Pray in A 0:00
I Still Need a Savior 0:00
Who We Are 0:00
Life Everlasting 0:00
You Are Here 0:00
Only Jesus 0:00
The Goodness of the Lord 0:00
Reflection in A 0:00


Member Role
Tim Akers Piano, B3
Jason Barton Background Vocals
Joe Beck Background Vocals
Dave Beegle Guitar Solo
Devyn Bennett Background Vocals
Kala Bennett Choir
Sydney Bennett Background Vocals
Steve Brewster Drums, Percussion
Patrick Case Choir
David Davidson Strings, Violin
Dan Dugmore Lap Slide
Anthony Evans Choir
Jim Frazier Producer, Programming, Guitars, Bass, Piano, Keyboards, Percussion, Background Vocals
Mia Garneau Choir
Missy Hale Choir
Chris Harris Background Vocals
Jan Harris Background Vocals
Charlie Holt Mandolin
Garth Justice Drums
Phil Keaggy Guitars, Guitar Solo
Goldie Meers Choir
Gene Miller Background Vocals
Tony Morra Drums, Percussion
Duncan Mullins Bass
Kim Reece Choir
Renee Seidel Choir
Andy Sprague Choir
Billy Sprague Songwriter, Guitars, Lap Dulcimer, Choir, Vocals
Willow Sprague Lead Vocals, Background Vocals
Wyatt Sprague Djiembe
Michelle Swift Choir, Background Vocals
Lori White-Proffett Choir, Background Vocals
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