Michael Knott

Rocket and a Bomb


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Jan 01, 1994


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Track Listing

Title Duration
Jan the Weatherman 0:00
Jail 0:00
Make Me Feel Good 0:00
Serious 0:00
John Barrymore, Jr. 0:00
Train 0:00
Bubbles 0:00
Kitty 0:00
Adrian 0:00
Skinny Skins 0:00
Rocket & A Bomb 0:00

Michael Knott explores on this album the twists and turns of some twisty people Michael encountered in an apartment complex he lived in for a while. Musically, it's one of Knott's more sedate projects, yet still pretty bizarre singer/songwriter rock!


Member Role
Producer, Songwriter, Guitars, Vocals
Ed Benrock Drums
Eric Coomes Bass
Brian Doidge Guitars, Bass
Gene Eugene Producer, Engineer, Keyboards
Riki Michele Background Vocals
Rick Rekedal Cello
Mark Rodriguez Engineer
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