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Kathy Troccoli: Greatest Hits

Album Info:

  • Release Date: 1-Jul-2003
  • Label: Reunion
  • Release #: 02341-0075-2


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Track Listing:

Holy, Holy    00:00
Go Light Your World    00:00
Sounds of Heaven    00:00
You're the Heart of Me    00:00
Stubborn Love    00:00
Psalm Twenty-Three    00:00
Help Myself to You    00:00
Everything Changes    00:00
Different Road    00:00
Mission of Love    00:00
I Will Choose Christ    00:00
Love Has a Name    00:00
I Call Him Love    00:00
My Life Is In You Hands    00:00


Musician Credits:

  • Kathy Troccoli: Performer


Kathy Troccoli-Greatest Hits
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