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Sarah Hart is listed in the credits for the following albums:

Year Artist Album Role
1997 Michael Card Unveiled Hope Backing Vocals
2009 Sarah Reeves Sweet Sweet Sound Songwriter

Sarah Hart

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When she was pregnant with her first daughter, one of Sarah Hart's many creative collaborators brought her a set of juggling balls, and taught her how to use them. Between singing, songwriting, traveling, speaking and parenthood, Hart's friend figured she'd benefit from the skill. 

Over years of balancing a family and multi-faceted musical career, Hart's become a seasoned and grateful juggler, with a list of accomplishments that attest to her commitment to keeping all those balls in the air. 

Sarah's signature blend of contemporary folk, pop and rock welcomes and delights listeners of every age and background and her most recent release, Above Earth’s Lamentation, her eighth album as a solo artist, is no exception. Her talent for songwriting is showcased by the likes of Amy Grant, Celtic Woman, Matt Maher, Jason Crabb and The Newsboys—whom have all recorded her songs. Grant's recording of "Better Than a Hallelujah" (for 2010's Somewhere Down the Road) earned Hart a Best Gospel Song Grammy nomination. She has also had several song placements in film and television, and her songs appear in OCP and other hymnals all across the world. 

Hart continues to hit the road steadily, too, helming concerts, keynoting and speaking, leading faith-focused women's, musicians and parish retreats and performing from coast to coast and abroad. In October of 2013, Sarah was invited to perform for Pope Francis and a crowd of 150,000 in St. Peter's Square. 

In her travels, the reward is meeting people, sharing her stories, and having them share their own experiences, too. “To be able to do this work and offer a little bit of an oasis to people–a little time to delve in and have fun and look deeper into their faith and desire more—that's really rewarding to me. I’m incredibly grateful to meet such amazing folks, to have them be a part of my journey, and grateful for them allowing me be a part of theirs."

As Hart navigates an increasingly busy time in her own journey, she's taken as many pointers as she's given. And her friends and collaborators continue to share important lessons, too: that juggling isn't a skill so much as a process, and that doing it successfully means you have to keep moving. 

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Sep 23, 2020

Today I’m talking with Sarah Hart. We did a lot of laughing together. And we talked about her experience as a songwriter and how she got started in music. But our chat quickly turned to the crazy pandemic and political times we are experiencing in 2020. Now I’ll be one of the first to admit, I don’t usually like talking about these topics because they can come across as divisive and I’m not someone who generally enjoys confrontation. But Sarah spoke with such love and compassion about the tools she is using to address these issues in her own life.

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