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Saint is listed in the credits for the following albums:

Year Artist Album Role
1987 Various Artists Righteous Metal
1988 Various Artists Heavy Righteous Metal
2010 Saint Hell Blade drums
2010 Saint Hell Blade Lead Guitar
2012 Saint Desperate Night Lead Guitar


Band Members:

Drums (1984)
Drums (1986)
vocals (2012)

Saint has been a member of:

 Saint has been playing Christian Metal for over 30 years. They have an 80's style metal which has not changed over the years. After the release of Too Late For Living the band went their seperate ways. They reformed in 1999 with a new vocalist, Tim Lamberson and released "The Perfect Life" EP which sounded nothing like their previous albums. In 2004 Josh Kramer returned to belt out his high pitched vocals on "In The Battle" which was a return to form for the band. other releases include "Live 05", "The Mark/Revelation", "Crime Scene Earth", "Hell Blade" and 2012's "Desperate Night" featuring new vocalist Brian Miller on the title track.

Where are they Now: 

 Saint is still crankin' out Christian Metal. They released "Desperate Night" in the summer of 2012 and are currently working on a new EP with new vocalist Brian Phyl Miller. Saint has been putting out albums since reforming in 1999. You can purchase their albums at the Saint Website

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