Blame Lucy

Oct 06, 1998

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Blame Lucy


Band Members:

Lead Vocals, Bass

Since the mid 90's Blame Lucy has been carving a niche throughout the Rock/Alternative music field, reaching out with a fresh musical approach and a powerful message of truth. Blame Lucy is dedicated to reaching the new generation of youth with the love of Christ through their music and message. People are always looking for love and acceptance, and Blame Lucy knows that the only true source of satisfying love comes from the love of Jesus.

Blame Lucy's accomplishments are numerous and include:

  • * Three singles featured on various compilation CDs including HM Magazine's "Pick of the Litter" and 7 Ball's "GAS Collection"
  • * Two #1 Singles on RadioU 88.7FM, "Saturate" and "Waikiki", which finished #11 and #22 respectively in RadioU's Top 88 of 1997
  • * Full length article in the 1998 GMA issue of HM Magazine, as well as rave reviews in the "Indie" section of issues #68 and #69
  • * Performed Live on "Night Songs" for WSFJ u TV51, Newark, Ohio
  • * Have performed with My Friend Stephanie, Skillet, Imagine This, Disciple, World Wide Message Tribe, Rave, T-Bone, Common Children, & Believable Picnic, just to name a few
  • * Have performed for youth events from Virginia Beach, Virginia, to Los Angeles, California

As time continues to affect the musical styles that are accepted by the listening public, Blame Lucy continually strives to grab their attention. This band has boldly accepted the responsibility that has been placed on them and will continue to share the message of truth through their music and witness wherever they go.

Blame Lucy is comprised of:

Doug Meacham (Lead Vocals, Bass) -- Doug is the founder of Blame Lucy and the Assistant Pastor of Grace Chapel Community Church in Westerville, Ohio. For over 12 years, Doug has been involved in the Christian music industry. In the early 1990's, he sang lead for the Star Song Record's band "Legacy", as well as doing studio background vocals for other Star Song artists. Doug also plays drums and bass for Grace Chapel Community Church, and is a 1992 graduate from Otterbein College with a degree in Music and Business.

Ryan Smith (Guitar) -- Ryan joined Blame Lucy in March, 1997, and has played drums and bass for Grace Chapel Community Church since 1993. Ryan's background includes orchestral performances, as well as recording a full-length album with the regional band Six Inch Kids, produced by Rick May (DC Talk, Zilch).

Matt Blair (Guitar/Crazy, annoying noise) Matt joined Blame Lucy in January, 1999. He has played guitar, bass, tamborine, kazoo, clapped, and sang (tried to) for Westerville Christian Church in the past, and most recently, on occasion, at North Park Church of Christ when the songs aren't too difficult. He studied music theory and composition at the Ohio State University and wishes he had started playing guitar at age five instead of 16.

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