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Cheri Keaggy

So I Can Tell


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Apr 01, 2012


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Track Listing

Title Duration
So I Can Tell 3:23
There Will Be One Day 5:11
When You Were Jesus to Me 4:36
Starting a New Year Today 3:20
Air, Food, and Water 2:59
Hello, God 3:59
To Live is Christ 3:02
Come to Me 3:57
Bind Me to You 4:02
Romans 15:13 (Benediction Song) 3:26
Postlude: Invitation to Hope 2:04

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Member Role
Pat Bergeson Harmonica
Richie Biggs Mastered
Jamin Craig Holy Ghost Choir
Richard Craig Holy Ghost Choir
Scott Dente Producer, Acoustic Guitars, Ukelele, Holy Ghost Choir
Jim Dineen Engineer
Mark Hill Bass
Cheri Keaggy Songwriter, Piano, Vocals, Holy Ghost Choir
Phil Keaggy Guitars
Ken Lewis Producer, Drums, Percussion
Steve Mason Background Vocals
Blair Masters Keyboards, Accordion, Pump Organ
Laura Mee Holy Ghost Choir
J.T. Olson Holy Ghost Choir
Jerene Olson Holy Ghost Choir
Sara Olson Holy Ghost Choir
Nancy Osman Holy Ghost Choir
Denise Palazzolo Holy Ghost Choir
Mike Payne Electric Guitars
Aaron Porter Holy Ghost Choir
Marty Roe Holy Ghost Choir
Robin Roe Holy Ghost Choir
Alison Rogers Holy Ghost Choir
Matt Slocum Cello
Karen Joy Thomas Holy Ghost Choir
Rebecca Walker Background Vocals
Bill Whittington Mixed
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