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Mike E

Mike-E and the G-Rap Crew


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Jan 01, 1991


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Track Listing

Title Duration
I Rap for the Man 0:00
3+Me 0:00
L.O.V.E. 0:00
Housin' 0:00
I Got Straight 0:00
Rhyme in the Rhythm 0:00
Kick the Message 0:00
Power 0:00
G-Rap 0:00
Last Daze 0:00


Member Role
Producer, Arranger, Songwriter, Guitars, Bass Synthesizer, Keyboards, Drum Programming, Vocorder, Lead and Background Vocals
Steven Bishir Engineer, Mixed
Cedric Caldwell Producer, Arranger, Songwriter, Keyboards, Piano, Samples, Effects, Synthesizer, Bass and Drum Programming
Victor Caldwell Arranger, Bass and Drum Programming
Dwight Fredricks Background Vocals
Andrew Gouche Songwriter
Terome Hannon Bass, Hype Vocals
Richard Headen Executive Producer
Mitchell Jones Background Vocals
Dan Kellerby Assistant Programming and Sampling
Sherri Kibble Vocals
Ralph Lofton Songwriter, Keyboards, Hype Vocals
Jet Penix Producer, Arranger, Songwriter, Keyboards and Drum Programming, Background and Hype Vocals
Nikki Penix Background Vocals
Shondra Penix Background Vocals
Mike Poole Engineer, Mixed
Eddy Schreyer Mastered
Chris Smith Executive Producer
Parks Stewart Background Vocals
Greg Thompson Background and Hype Vocals
Earl Wright Keyboards
Marvie Wright Background Vocals
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