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Eternal Ryte


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Jan 01, 2007


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Limited edition (1000 copies pressed) two-disc set that features a remastered version of the band's Pure Metal debut, World Requiem, as well as the Anthem 1987 demo, plus unreleased demos and live recordings. A special DVD was pressed as well that is limited to only 100 copies.

Track Listing

Title Duration
Tightrope Dancer 0:00
Requiem 0:00
Someone to Love 0:00
Say Hello 0:00
The Killer 0:00
Surrender 0:00
On the Line 0:00
You and Me 0:00
The King 0:00
No More Lies 0:00
Forever Free (Anthem 1987 Demo) 0:00
He's a Killer (Version 2) (Anthem 1987 Demo) 0:00
No More Lies (Anthem 1987 Demo) 0:00
No Place to Hide (Anthem 1987 Demo) 0:00
Stand Up (Anthem 1987 Demo) 0:00
King of Kings (Anthem 1987 Demo) 0:00
Intro (Unreleased 1986 Demo) 0:00
Armed for Action (Unreleased 1986 Demo) 0:00
Fight for the Light (Unreleased 1986 Demo) 0:00
He's a Killer (Version 1) (Unreleased 1986 Demo) 0:00
Quiet Times (Unreleased 1986 Demo) 0:00
Run for Your Life (Unreleased 1986 Demo) 0:00
Winner's Take All (Unreleased 1986 Demo) 0:00
On the Line (Live-Metal Mardi Gras 9-12-87) 0:00
Fight for the LIght (Live-Metal Mardi Gras 9-12-87) 0:00
Someone (Live-Metal Midnight III 10-28-89) 0:00
Requiem (Live-Metal Midnight III 10-28-89) 0:00
No More Lies (Live Metal Meltdown 6-16-90) 0:00
King of Kings (Live Metal Meltdown 6-16-90) 0:00
Tightrope Dancer (Live Metal Meltdown 6-16-90) 0:00

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Member Role
John Carroll Mastering and Compilation
Caesar Kalinowski Producer, Engineer, Mixed
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