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Paul Field is listed in the credits for the following albums:

Year Artist Album Role
1978 Nutshell Begin Again Songwriter, Acoustic Guitars, Piano, Vocals
1981 Nutshell Best of Nutshell Songwriter, Guitar, Piano, Vocals
1983 Sheila Walsh War of Love Songwriter
1983 Paul Field Daybreak Producer, Songwriter, Guitar, Vocals
1984 Cliff Richard Walking In The Light Songwriter
1984 Paul Field Building Bridges Producer, Songwriter, Keyboards, Vocals
1985 Paul Field Visions Producer, Songwriter, Engineer, Keyboards, Guitar, Bass, Drums
1993 Michael English Hope Songwriter
1999 Avalon In a Different Light Songwriter
2000 Phil Keaggy Inseparable Songwriter

Paul Field

Paul Field has been a member of:

Paul Field is a British Christian musician and songwriter.

Working as a professional composer, producer and musician since the mid-1970s Field has won an Ivor Novello Award from the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors and a Dove Award from GMA in Nashville. He has also been nominated for Dove Awards on two other occasions. Many artists around the world have recorded his songs and his production and arrangement credits range from Country to Gospel to Classical and back to Rock & Pop.

Field's song "Testify to Love" (co-written with Ralph van Manen) has been a US hit three times: first a #1 for Avalon and also for Wynnona on the double platinum CD Touched by an Angel (soundtrack to the TV show) which made #3 in the Billboard Chart. More recently the song was re-released as the title track on Avalon's platinum Greatest Hits CD.

Field's songs have been recorded on many occasions by Cliff Richard. These include "All That Matters", "Thief in the Night",and the controversial "The Millennium Prayer".

In the US, Field's songs have been recorded by Grammy award-winning artists, including Rebecca St James, Jaci Velasquez, Phil Keaggy, Point of Grace, Jennifer Stanley, Natalie Grant and Jennifer Knapp. Field regularly works in Nashville on various projects.

Over the years Field has written six musicals: 'Daybreak', 'Visions', 'Breaking Bread', 'Burning Questions', 'Hopes and Dreams' and 'Here and Now'. He also writes music for film, television and advertising (including British Rail, the Cabbage Patch Kids, Astro Farm, Guinness, the European News Network, Australian TV and the Tokyo Motor Show). Paul Field has been in demand as a producer and arranger. He has also provided backing vocals for various acts, including Cliff Richard, Rick Wakeman, Gloria Gaynor, Phil Everley, Paul Jones, Amy Grant, Lesley Ashe, David & Carrie Grant, Chris Rea, Andre Crouch, Jessy Dixon, Katy Melua and the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Nutshell/Network 3
He began his career in the early 1970s with the folk trio Nutshell. The group was originally called Jesus Revolution, but then recorded two albums under the name of Nutshell. At this time the other members of the group were Heather Bennett and Pam Thiele.

Bennett and Thiele then left and were replaced by Annie McCaig and Mo McCafferty. The group released two further albums. Between 1979 and 1981 they toured with Cliff Richard as backing singers and support act.

Dr David Sabatini and Ken Scott have both described Nutshell, at their best, as an English version of 2nd Chapter of Acts.

After the release of Believe it or Not, in 1979, the band changed its name to Network 3 and released two singles, both produced by Cliff Richard, before splitting up.

Following the break-up of Network 3, Paul embarked on a solo career with the acclaimed Restless Heart (1982). His albums were notable for strong melodies, classy arrangements and good lyrics.

He wrote his six musicals, 'Daybreak', 'Visions', 'Breaking Bread','Burning Questions', 'Hopes and Dreams' and 'Here and Now', on various specific themes.

Field continued to combine his solo career with production, songwriting and arranging. In 2001 and 2002 he travelled to India with Garth Hewitt. They co-wrote and produced The Dalit Drum CD for Christian Aid. This album used live recordings of Dalit drummers in support of the Dalit's or 'Untouchables'. In 2004, one of Paul's children's songs "Surrounded by His Love" was used as part of the Queen Elizabeth's Christmas message, on Christmas Day.

In recent times Field has been writing and providing production for Jonathan Veira. He has written songs for a Dutch film and completed two albums of children's songs. He has also provided backing vocals for Brian Houston, written lyrics for a BBC project for school assemblies, produced Beyond Belief with Martin John Nicholls, for Christian Aid.

Most recently his main focus has been on Cargo, a project about the abolition of the slave trade. This has been developed alongside Anti-Slavery International, Compassion, Stop the Traffik and the UK Human Trafficking centre. Throughout 2007, Cargo has been toured with Coco Mbassi, Mike Haughton, Sadie Chamberlain and Dan Wheeler.

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