Leslie Phillips

Feb 15, 1987
Jan 01, 1987
Jan 01, 1985
Jan 01, 1984
Jan 01, 1983

Leslie Phillips is listed in the credits for the following albums:

Year Artist Album Role
1981 Mark Heard Stop the Dominoes Background Vocals
1982 Mark Heard Victims of the Age Background Vocals
1982 John Fischer Dark Horse Duet Vocals (Losin' Is Winnin')
1983 Randy Stonehill Equator Background Vocals
1983 Imperials Side by Side Duet Vocals
1984 Leslie Phillips Dancing with Danger Songwriter, Vocals
1984 Pat Terry The Silence Background Vocals
1985 Leslie Phillips Black and White in a Grey World Songwriter, Vocals
1985 Mark Heard Greatest Hits Of Mark Heard Background Vocals
1985 Mark Heard Acoustic Background Vocals
1985 Mark Heard Mosaics Background Vocals
1987 Leslie Phillips The Turning Songwriter, Synthesizers, Drum Programs, Vocals
1990 Mark Heard Dry Bones Dance Background Vocals
1992 Mark Heard Satellite Sky Background Vocals
1993 Mark Heard Reflections of a Former Life Background Vocals
1993 Mark Heard High Noon Background Vocals
1994 Sierra Sierra Songwriter
2000 Mark Heard Greatest Hits Background Vocals

Leslie Phillips

Jan 28, 1962

Leslie Ann Phillips, aka Sam Phillips is an American singer and a songwriter.

Phillips, who was born in Glendale, California, began her musical career as a vocalist in the early 1980s, singing background parts for Christian artists Mark Heard, Randy Stonehill, and others. After a short time, Phillips was signed to a solo contract with Myrrh Records where she went on to record four Christian pop albums. Her final album with Myrrh teamed her with producer and future husband, T-Bone Burnett. Throughout the Myrrh period, Phillips wrote an increasing number of her own songs and several were Top 10 singles on Christian radio.

Since Cyndi Lauper was popular at the time and also had a high-pitched, idiosyncratic vocal style, Myrrh insisted on promoting her as "the Christian Cyndi Lauper." Phillips was never comfortable with this image, and it was a bone of contention between her and the label. She began using the name "Sam" professionally in 1988 when she left Myrrh Records and signed with Virgin Records, partially in order to distance herself from her Myrrh-styled persona.

Like many Christian artists before her, she expanded into mainstream content at the new label. She released The Indescribable Wow, which featured the orchestrations of Van Dyke Parks. Cruel Inventions, which was released in 1991, included a guest appearance from close friend Elvis Costello, and she (with her husband) supported Costello on his 1991 tour. 1994's Martinis and Bikinis, was widely praised by music critics and was even nominated for a Grammy Award; this was Phillips' second nomination (the first was as Leslie Phillips).

In 1995, Phillips made her silver screen debut in the Bruce Willis blockbuster Die Hard With a Vengeance, in which she played a mute terrorist. She was originally supposed to have a speaking part in the film but it was decided that her character would be silent since it made her appear much more imposing and lethal, although it also placed her in a more stereotypically femme fatale role at the same time. In 1996, Phillips released Omnipop (It's Only a Flesh Wound Lambchop), which featured a song co-written by Phillips and R.E.M.. Phillips made a cameo in Wim Wenders 1997 film The End of Violence singing a brief snippet from the song 'Animals on Wheels' from Omnipop. After releasing a contractual obligation "best-of" album for Virgin in 1999, the label dropped Phillips from their roster.

In 2001, Phillips signed with Nonesuch Records and released a stripped-down acoustic album called Fan Dance, which featured some of the most critically acclaimed songwriting of Phillips's career. Van Dyke Parks contributed string arrangements for a track or two. Phillips also began writing music for and scoring the television series Gilmore Girls, and even appeared on-screen during the final episode of season six, performing "Taking Pictures" from the Fan Dance album. In 2004, she released A Boot and a Shoe, another collection of acoustic cabaret songs in the same vein as Fan Dance.

After the release of A Boot and a Shoe, news spread that Phillips and husband/producer T-Bone Burnett had divorced, although they continued to work together to finish the album.

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