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Allies: The Light Years

Album Info:

  • Release Date: 1-Jan-1995
  • Label: Light


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A best of release

Track Listing:

Surrender    4:37
Second Chance    3:54
Don't Run Away    3:28
Send Me    4:29
Don't Keep Him Waiting    3:58
Don't You Worry    5:07
Morningstar    5:05
Pardon Me    4:23
Hardened Hearts    4:40
On With the Fight    3:42
If You Believe    3:42
Harmony    4:06
Prayer for the Children    4:51
Jacque Remembers    3:55
Somebody Told Me You Were Crying    3:08
Let's Fall in Love (All Over Again)    4:42
Runnin' Out of Time    4:13


Musician Credits:

  • Allies: Performer


Allies: The Light Years
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