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Ralph Carmichael & Kurt Kaiser: Natural High

Album Info:

  • Release Date: 1-Jan-1970
  • Label: Light
  • Release #: LS-5558


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A folk musical about God's Son.

Track Listing:

We're On Our Way    00:00
Outasite!    00:00
From Out Here    00:00
The Sequence of Events    00:00
It's Our World    00:00
Thursday Night    00:00
Too Bad bout Ginny    00:00
Get Myself Together    00:00
Searching Questions    00:00
Teamwork    00:00
I'm All Thumbs    00:00
Natural High    00:00
What Gives You The Right?    00:00
I Have No Right    00:00
Someone Loved Me First    00:00
I Can See God    00:00
God Doesn't See Us Through The Flowers    00:00
God Can See Us    00:00
When I Think Of The Cross    00:00
My Little World    00:00
Natural High Reprise    00:00
Moment Of Truth    00:00


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Ralph Carmichael and Kurt Kaiser: Natural High
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