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Adrian Snell

Kintsugi, The Art of Precious Scars


Release Date: 
Mar 11, 2022


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Track Listing

Title Duration
----- Disc 1 -----
I Believe You 7:00
In the Beginning 3:42
Sing Before Talk, Dance Before Walk 2:47
Come to Jesus 2:05
Where There is Love There is Hope 1:32
Maya Grace 3:47
My Nights Are Sleepless Too 1:48
I Love You Tracey Robinson 4:35
The Cradle Rocked 3:59
The Cradle Fell 5:26
Lost At Sea 3:50
Accident of Birth 4:48
Meet Me on the Broken Bridge 5:27
----- Disc 2 -----
Call To Prayer: For Whom the Bells Toll 2:17
Fallen Empire 3:50
The Earth is Full of Sorrow 5:10
Into the Night 5:01
God Forsaken 6:12
Unbearable, If True 4:24
The World to Come 1:52
Lord Have Mercy 3:44
Long Ago, Far Away 4:15
Kintsugi, Better Than New 2:37
Don't Give Up, Don't Give In 4:08
Breathe, Believe 4:08
----- Disc 3 -----
Sanctuary, Pt. 1 3:08
Sanctuary, Pt. 2 4:25
Love Your Hurt Away 4:14
All I Need 4:53
Sorry 3:56
Goibei Valley Choir 3:06
Kintsugi: Your Scars Are Precious 1:19
To My Children's Children 5:39
All Rivers Run to the Sea 4:41
Kindness 3:14
Kintsugi: Coming Home 3:16
Come Soon 4:36
It's Never Easy 4:07
Where There Is Love, There Is Hope 2:20
Jesus Created the Whole Earth, Including Chickens 1:32


Member Role
Nigel Palmer Post Production, Mastered
Adrian Snell Producer, Songwriter, Arrangements, Programming, Performer, Vocals
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