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Kerry Livgren



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Jan 01, 1992


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Track Listing

Title Duration
Just One Way 0:00
Mask Of The Great Deceiver 0:00
How Can You Live 0:00
Whiskey Seed 0:00
To Live For The King 0:00
Down To The Core 0:00
Ground Zero 0:00
I'll Follow You 0:00
One More Song 0:00
New Kind Of Love 0:00
Ancient Wing 0:00
And I Saw, As It Were...Konelrad 0:00
Colonnade Gardens 0:00
Tenth Of Nisan 0:00
Time Line 0:00
Tonight 0:00
Make Or Break It 0:00
Take Us To The Water 0:00
Beyond The Pale 0:00
New Age Blues 0:00
Slow Motion Suicide 0:00
High On A Hill 0:00
Life Undercover 0:00
Welcome To The War 0:00
Free Fire Zone 0:00
Bright Star 0:00
All Creation Sings 0:00
The Fury 0:00
Progress 0:00
Up From the Wasteland 0:00
No Standing 0:00

This is a 2-CD career retrospective and features the entire Seeds Of Change and Time Line albums and tracks from the albums: Prime Mover, One Of Several Possible Musiks, Art Of The State (with AD) and Reconstructions (with AD). The two bonus tracks ("Free Fire Zone" and "Bright Star") also appear on AD's Reconstructions Reconstructed CD.


Member Role
Producer, Songwriter, Guitars, Keyboards, Bass, Percussion, Vocals
Brad Aaron Producer, Background Vocals
Barriemore Barlow Drums
Terry Brock Background Vocals
Bobby Campo Trumpet
Ronnie James Dio Vocals
Phil Ehart Drums
John Elefante Background Vocals
John Fristoe Background Vocals
Gary Gilbert Bass
Michael Gleason Songwriter, Keyboards, Percussion, Vocals
Paul Goddard Bass
Warren Ham Woodwinds, Harmonica, Flute, Vocals
Craig Harber Drums, Percussion
Dean Heitkamp Background Vocals
Kyle Henderson Background Vocals
Dennis Holt Drums, Percussion
Dave Hope Bass
Joey Jelf Background Vocals
Darryl Kutz Harmonica
Mylon LeFevre Vocals
Victoria Livgren Background Vocals
Scott Meeder Drums
Davey Moire Vocals
David Pack Vocals
Jeff Pollard Vocals
Suzan Shewbridge Background Vocals
Robby Steinhardt Violin
John Thompson Drums
Steve Venezia Background Vocals
Steve Walsh Vocals
Donna Williams Background Vocals
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