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Terry Scott Taylor

Return to the Neverhood

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Jul 01, 2012


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Track Listing

Title Duration
Overture: The Return 0:00
Let’s Get This Ball Rolling! 0:00
Over the Deeporama 0:00
Out of the Clay and Mud /Coilsssss and sssssSpringsssss 0:00
Raise the Flag Boys, Then Let’s Get to Work! 0:00
It's A Ding Dang Day 0:00
Lord Lurker/Toil in the Soil 0:00
A Bad Apple A Day Helps the Clay Decay 0:00
Clay-Guy's Undoing 0:00
The Love Sweet Love Suite: Part One: Ode to a Hunch 0:00
The Love Sweet Love Suite: Part Two: At Least In Your Eyes My Love 0:00
Come Hell or High Water Pants 0:00
Huh? What's Going On Here? I Don't Get It! Part One 0:00
Huh? What's Going On Here? I Don't Get It! Part Two 0:00
Huh? What's Going On Here? I Don't Get It! Part Three 0:00
Rushin' Wind 0:00
The Wind, Human Flame Throwers and a Bit of Gibberish 0:00
Fishin' with the Sculptor 0:00
Finale: Return to the Neverhood 0:00

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Member Role
Tim Chandler Bass, Noise and infernal racket, Backing vocals, Sunshine Street Choir
Derri Daugherty Engineered, Mixed
Chris Donohue Stand-up Bass
Leisel Dromi Background female vocals
Barry Green Trombone
Tom Gulotta Producer, Layout
Steve Hindalong Drums, Percussion, Assorted Effects
Ryan Kingsmigh Engineered, Mixed
Sam Levine Woodwinds, Sax
Steve Patrick Trumpet
David Roach Keyboards
Michael Roe Guitars
Terry Scott Taylor Songwriter, Story, Arranger, Producer, Guitar, Lead Vocals
Eric Townsend Producer, Layout, Coloring
Jason Townsend Producer, Coloring, Titles
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