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Cover Image Title Artist Release Date Release Number
Swing Swang Swung Swing Swang Swung Guardian 1-Jan-1994 701-2529-261
Soak Your Brain Soak Your Brain Lovewar 1-Jan-1993 701-2524-251
Fear Not Fear Not Fear Not 1-Jan-1993 7012522267
Miracle Mile Miracle Mile Guardian 1-Jan-1993 701-2517-263
Hello Forever Hello Forever Scott Springer 1-Jan-1993 701-2520-264
Peace Treaty Peace Treaty X-Sinner 1-Jan-1991 701-2507-268
Heaven Calling Heaven Calling Halo 1-Jan-1991 701-2511-265
Lofcaudio Lofcaudio Mastedon 1-Jan-1990 701-2503-262
Fire And Love Fire And Love Guardian 1-Jan-1990 701-2505-265
Halo Halo Halo 1-Jan-1990 701-2501-251
Children of Choices Children of Choices Michael Gleason 1-Jan-1990 701-2502-266
Get It Get It X-Sinner 1-Jan-1989 701-2500-263

Now defunct label that was headquartered in California and was distributed by Word Inc.

No website available.
No additional contact information available.

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