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    Cover Image Title Artist Release Date Release Number
    Heartsongs Heartsongs Hadley Hockensmith 1-Jan-1990
    Second Story Second Story Douglas Trowbridge 1-Jan-1987 MLD-7016
    New Night New Night Billy Smiley 1-Jan-1986 MLR-7009
    Heirborne Heirborne Richard Souther 1-Jan-1986
    Empty Canvas Empty Canvas John Michael Talbot 1-Jan-1986 MLR-7015
    Innermission Innermission Richard Souther 1-Jan-1985
    The Quiet The Quiet John Michael Talbot 1-Jan-1985 MLR-7001
    No Shadow of Turning No Shadow of Turning Jeff Johnson 1-Jan-1985 CPD-41009
    Songs Unspoken Songs Unspoken Douglas Trowbridge 1-Jan-1985 MLR-7007
    Forever Friends Forever Friends Justo Almario 1-Jan-1985

    Meadowlark was a label manufactured, marketed and distributed by The Sparrow Corporation. It was created to release contemplative instrumental music that was similar in sound to what was marketed in the mainstream music world as New Age music.

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