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Scott Wenzel

Jan 01, 1995
Jan 01, 1993

Scott Wenzel is listed in the credits for the following albums:

Year Artist Album Role
1987 Whitecross Whitecross Songwriter, Vocals
1988 Whitecross Love on the Line Songwriter, Vocals
1988 Whitecross Hammer and Nail Songwriter, Vocals
1989 Whitecross Triumphant Return Songwriter, Vocals
1991 Whitecross In the Kingdom Songwriter, Vocals
1992 Whitecross High Gear Songwriter, Vocals
1993 Whitecross To the Limit - The Best of Whitecross Songwriter, Vocals
1994 Whitecross Unveiled Vocals

Scott Wenzel

Scott Wenzel has been a member of:

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Lead singer for the heavy metal band, Whitecross, Scott also recorded solo records exploring a pop metal sound.

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