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    Mylon LeFevre: Mylon (We Believe)

    Album Info:

    • Release Date: 1-Jan-1970
    • Label: Cotillion
    • Release #: SD-9026


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    Generally considered the 2nd Christian rock album (after Larry Norman's Upon This Rock in 1969). The album title is often referred to as We Believe, because it appears in quotes on the back cover of the album.

    Track Listing:

    Old Gospel Ship    00:00
    Sunday School Blues    00:00
    Who Knows    00:00
    Sweet Peace Within    00:00
    You're Still On His Mind    00:00
    Trying To Be Free    00:00
    Searching For Reality    00:00
    Pleasing Who, Pleases You?    00:00
    Contemplation    00:00
    Hitch Hike    00:00
    Peace Begins Within    00:00
    The Only Thing That's Free    00:00


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    Mylon LeFevre - Mylon
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