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L.S.U.: Dogfish Jones

Album Info:

  • Release Date: 1-Jan-1998
  • Label: Light
  • Release #: 51416-12912


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A really crazy album! This is a concept album about a sailor, a shipwreck, the sailor being swallowed by a whale, killer mermaids, a battle with pirates, a cave, a romance, and a rescue. All this under the bizarre onslaught of guitars, drums and outer space organ sounds.

Track Listing:

Dogfish Jones    Unknown
Storm At Sea    Unknown
Let Me Out    Unknown
Barnacle Bob    Unknown
Down    Unknown
Greensea Island    Unknown
Hated Souls    Unknown
Tell of the Well    Unknown
Mercy Maid    Unknown
Magical Rainbow Door    Unknown
Seashell Sally    Unknown
Edge    Unknown
Shanghai Overdrive    Unknown
The Boyos    Unknown


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LSU: Dogfish Jones
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