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Karen Peck and New River

25th Anniversary: Collector's Edition


Release Date: 
Mar 11, 2016


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Track Listing

Title Duration
Opening Segment (with Paul Heil) 2:32
Bend in the River 2:52
He's Sending Miracles 3:20
God Still Answers Prayer 3:21
Interview "Trivia" 0:54
Rain & Shine 2:51
When Jesus Passes By 3:39
Ten Thousand Angels Cried 4:31
Interview 1993 1:45
Daddy's Home 3:59
God Likes to Work 3:13
God is Faithful 2:44
Christian in the House 4:17
Interview 2000 1:29
Four Days Late 4:21
I Wanna Know How It Feels 3:47
That's Why They Call It Grace 4:11
Hold Me While I Cry 4:28
Hey 2:27
Last Night 3:46
Interview (The Story Behind Whispered Prayers) 1:48
Whispered Prayers 3:55
Ephesians Chapter One 2:48
I Want to Thank You 4:03
Why Can't All God's Children Get Along 4:36
On the Banks of the Promised Land 3:59
Good Things Are Happening 3:38
Revival 3:56
Finish Well 3:24
Interview 2015 1:31
Pray Now 4:27
Closing Segment (with Paul Heil) 1:09

2 Disc retrospective.


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