Mission House

Jul 31, 2020
Nov 01, 2019

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Mission House


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Born out of a community of friends gathered in living rooms and basements, Mission House is the creative delta formed by North Carolina artists Jess Ray and Taylor Leonhardt.

After meeting five years ago in their hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina, both Taylor and Jess, folk-rock singer-songwriters on their own accord, became fast friends. Kindred hearts not only in their musical styles and tastes but also on a spiritual level, Jess and Taylor quickly began performing at shows together. It was soon after that they started a weekly gathering with friends around a simple vision: share a meal and worship together. Through these gatherings, they began writing songs they felt their community needed to hear, to sing, and to take with them throughout the week. The result was worship music that felt different and yet true to who they are as singer/songwriters.

“What we hope more than anything is that our music brings the reality of Jesus into people’s lives,” Taylor and Jess recently explained. “The first worship records that we really loved were that way for us -- they gave us a new language for loving Jesus, ways to talk to God we didn’t have before. We hope people catch a glimpse of the love and peace and belonging that can only be found in God.”

The duo has indeed embarked on a new mission: Simple, joyful, folk/rock worship music that creates a tangible space for intimacy, with friends, and with their Creator. This is friendship, this is a movement, this is the love of God in the midst of the melody. And it’s just the beginning.

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