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MARi Burelle

May 27, 2016

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MARi Burelle

Life can be hard, and people can be messy, but Jesus can take that busted equation and make it shine.

That’s the message of Treasure, the debut album from powerhouse vocalist MARi. Hailing from Queens, New York, MARi brings a musical tapestry of texture, color, and style to the contemporary Christian music arena.

But buckle up, friends, because hers is a whole new level of fresh. An energetic hybrid of dance, pop, Latin and—yes—even a splash of reggae, MARi anchors her distinctive sound in equally bold lyrics.

“People have fun trying to pinpoint my specific style of music,” says MARi. “But first my music is a message—that God can take all the junk of your past and shape it into something that brings Him crazy glory."

With Treasure, MARi delivers that message in a refreshing kaleidoscope of sounds.

You’ll find it in dance tracks such as “Shine Brighter,” fiery Latin tunes like “Estoy Bien,” pop beats such as “It’s a Beautiful Day,” and inspiring anthems such as “If My People Pray,” “I Believe in Jesus,” and the albums’ goosebump-worthy title track, “Treasure.”

Influenced by genre innovators such as Lecrae, MARi admits she tries to avoid attempts to squeeze her into a specific box, hoping instead that Treasure appeals to music lovers everywhere.

Treasure will connect with several different audiences,” says MARi. “You will have fun, you will dance, you will sing out loud for sure. But you’re also gonna end up worshipping—whether you planned to or not.”

The making of Treasure came at a time of intense personal struggle for MARi and echoes the deeper lessons she learned while traveling uncharted roads.

“Every lyric comes from having to dig deeper into God’s word than ever before. I was desperate for His promises. I can tell you God healed me in places I didn't even ask Him to and in places I didn't even know were broken. I can tell you He’s faithful.”

May 17, 2016

Hailing from Queens, New York, powerhouse vocalist MARi is bringing a musical tapestry of texture, color and style to the Contemporary Christian Music arena with her upcoming debut album, Treasure.

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