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Heather and Kirsten

Jan 01, 1990

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Heather and Kirsten

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Kirsten sang her first national anthem at a Seattle Sonic game at age 6. She and her younger sister Heather quickly became a popular anthem duo in the 1980s. The Ostrom Sisters traveled extensively and amassed an incredible list of accomplishments including appearances on David Letterman and Good Morning Moscow. They performed anthems at Seattle Sonic, Seahawk and Mariner games, Olympic exhibitions, Goodwill Game Events and at The Stanley Cup (Edmonton Oilers). They also sang at several Red Wings playoff games as “good luck charms”. In 1985, they recorded a Christmas tape called “Christmas Joy” which caught the attention of gospel artist Deniece Williams and later artist/producer Roby Duke.

In their early teens, the sisters began work on their first National release- writing and recording with Roby Duke. They performed two songs on the Arcade sampler before Heather and Kirsten released their full-length album, “Betcha Didn’t Know”, in October of 1990 on Arcade– a division of Maranatha. By the time Kirsten was 15, the record had sold well over 50,000 copies and the girls were touring the country with the Katinas (their labelmates) and joined DC Talk & The Newsboys for a 27 city tour in the fall of 1991. That same year Heather and Kirsten released a Christmas single “Wonderful” just before Arcade went under. After Kirsten graduated high school, she moved on to collaborative work with peers and pursued solo endeavors.

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