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Ben Antell Band

Ben Antell Band - Waters
Jan 01, 1982

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Ben Antell Band


When he found something to write about, Benjamine Antell gathered several friends plus Heikki Koivisto and recorded the songs he'd written and arranged. They went to a studio and, in a couple of days, had recorded Waters. After that, members came and went as they gigged in Finland and Sweden.

Since 2009 Ben has primarily played songs of praise and worship etc. Mostly of his own material and usually as a singer-songwriter.

Ben Angell Band. (25-March 2011) Retrieved: 29 April 2022.From: Facebook

Where are they Now: 

I have lived in Finland since 1980 outside the little city of Vasa on the west coast.

The band was disbanded in 2006, and after that, I made one last album with my drummer.

Praying for people has taken up most of my time since about 2004. I guess you could call me an intercessor of some sort. A pastor asked me for help, so I prayed for his flock for many years and went deeper with the Lord at the same time because of all the healings, salvation, etc. I had another great awakening in 2009 after being a Christian since 1975. Since then, I have traveled mainly in England and Sweden, praying with and for people, both in churches and in the streets. I've had a break in travels since January 2020 just because God hasn't sent me anywhere.

So much has happened since I started praying for people. My life took a u-turn, you might say. The gifts of the Spirit drastically changed everything in my life. I stopped working in the studio in 2006 after the band broke up and the mixer got fried by lightning.

Personal Communication. 24-May-2022. From a personal email.

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