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Pocket Full of Rocks

Jul 12, 2011
Feb 16, 2010
Jul 24, 2007
Mar 14, 2006
Jan 01, 2003
Jan 01, 2002

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Pocket Full of Rocks


Band Members:

Keyboards, Guitars, Lead Vocals

Pocket Full of Rocks (PFOR) is an American band formed in 1995. The band operated independently for 10 years, releasing two albums: Songs to the King (2002) and To Make You Famous (2003). In 2005, they signed with Warner Bros. gospel music entity Word/Myrrh Records.

Long before landing a record deal and producing radio hits "Alive" and "Come As You Are," Pocket Full of Rocks was the “little independent band that could” for 10 years as they slowly built their fan following. In fact,Michael W. Smith liked the band’s praise song, “Let it Rain” so much that he covered it on his landmark recording, Worship.

Comprised of frontman Michael Farren, his wife Alisa (vocals), Ryan Riggins (electric guitar), Jody Crump (bass) and David Rollins (drums), Pocket Full of Rocks has always encouraged listeners not to just be “hearers of the word,” but doers. This theme resounds on the band's third album, More Than Noise.

“A lot of what I’ve been sharing out on the road deals with losing your religion and finding relationship with an amazing God,” says Michael. “Much of our message is that you’ve got to make more than noise. It’s easy to just walk into a room, sing the songs on the screen and lift your hands. But if you can walk out and not be transformed or see the world around you transformed, then that wasn’t worship. Real worship comes with change, both in you, and the world around you.”

With this conviction at the forefront of his mind, Michael penned “Alive,” which encourages believers to live loudly—and boldly—for the glory of God. “Come As You Are” is an emotion-packed invitation that reminds listeners that wherever they are in life, whatever they’re experiencing, God loves and longs to connect with them.

As a songwriter, Michael’s work has been recorded by artist such as Michael W Smith, Jackie Velazquez, Big Daddy Weave, and Phillips Craig and Dean. With worship hits such as “Let It Rain” (Michael W. Smith) and “Let the Worshipers Arise” (Phillips Craig and Dean), Michael’s art has found a place in congregations worldwide. With “Every Time I Breathe”, co-written with Mike Weaver of Big Daddy Weave, Michael enjoyed his first #1 single on Christian radio. Michael’s accomplishments have also made their way to the big screen with the song “It’s About Love,” recorded by Wynonna Judd for the VeggieTales movie “Lord Of The Beans.” He also appears as an ear of corn singing his song “Rock On Larry Boy” in the Veggie Tales movie “Larry Boy And The Bad Apple.”

In 2006, the band was nominated for a Dove Award for New Artist of the Year at the 38th GMA Dove Awards. Their second album with Myrrh, Manifesto, was also nominated for a Dove Award at the 39th GMA Dove Awards.

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