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Joel "Joey" Hemphill, Jr.

Joel "Joey" Hemphill, Jr. is listed in the credits for the following albums:

Year Artist Album Role
1983 The Hemphills Louisiana Live Harmonica, Vocals
1984 The Hemphills Together Songwriter, Vocals
1985 The Hemphills Excited! Vocals

Joel "Joey" Hemphill, Jr.


Joel Wesley Hemphill, Jr. better known as Joey, the oldest of the three Hemphill children, was born on August 13, 1958, just 14 months after his parents were married.

Joey began traveling with his parents at the tender age of 10 as their drummer. Before he was taken out of public school in the 6th grade he was flown to concerts many week-ends and for 2 years he was tutored by a retired school teacher in conjunction with a correspondence course. When the Hemphill's made the move from Louisiana to Nashville, Joey was then placed in a Christian school that allowed him to travel and make up the work on the road.

Joey's keen sense of timing and ear for music made him a favorite among other gospel groups from the start. And was called on throughout the night in many concerts to play for those who did not have their own drummer.

Later at the age of 15 he added to the sound of the Hemphill's his rich baritone voice when he began singing with the group. He also proved his hand at writing when his first gospel song Never A Man Spake Like This Man rose to #5 in the nation when he was only 18. Joey's multi talents also include playing guitar and harmonica.


Where are they Now: 

Joey Hemphill is now a family man married to Sue Ann Hutson Hemphill, and the father of two darling little girls. Taylor  and Sarah Kate. Joey and his brother Trent also have a thriving bus leasing business in Nashville, Hemphill Brothers Coach, leasing custom coaches to all types of music entertainers.

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