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Christafari is a Christian reggae band formed in 1990. It is centered around the personality of ordained minister Mark "Tansoback" Mohr (born October 23, 1971), an American born-again Christian. Until the age of 17, Mohr was a Rastafarian. The essential goal of Christafari is to promote Christianity to Rastafarians.

As a rebellious drug addicted youth, Mohr found an affinity for reggae music and became a marijuana grower and Rastafarian after a visit to Jamaica in 1986. He became well-versed in reggae music and learned Jamaican patois, the dialect prevalent in most reggae music. In 1989 the seventeen year old Mohr stopped using marijuana and committed his life to Christ at JH Ranch, a Christian camp. Two weeks later at another Christian youth camp Mohr wrote and performed his first gospel reggae song "Give Me Everything I Need" at a talent show. The bass-player that day said; "So you're no longer a Rastafarian, your a Christafarian." The name stuck. Initially called the "Christafarians" Mark was backed by the "Steadfast" crew for his first few shows (September and October 1989). Eventually Mohr shortened the name to "Christafari", (pronounced Christ-a-far-eye) and pieced together his own band members.

In 1993 Mohr enrolled in Biola University and received his ordination in 1997.

Their first album "Reggae Worship" hit the Billboard Charts and created a buzz in the industry, garnering the attention of DC Talk's Toby Mac who then signed the group to Gotee Records. "Soulfire" proved to be an early success for the fledgeling Gotee Records. "Valley Of Decision" spent 15 weeks in the top 10 of Billboard's "Top Reggae Albums" chart.

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