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Mark Lowry

Remotely Controlled


Release Date: 
Jan 01, 1996


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Track Listing

Title Duration
Once Upon the Tour Bus...(The Opening) 1:55
Take a Pill and Cook the Vegetables (Mark Tells a Funny Story) 3:18
"I Can Eat it All" (A Music Video) 4:30
The Shopping Channel (With a Special Guest) 0:44
The Hair Loss Club for Men (An Infomercial) 1:02
Traveling Evangelists (Mark Tells Another Funny Story) 2:41
Lowry! (A Tabloid Talk Show) 0:26
The Shopping Channel (With a Very Special Guest) 0:25
Comedy Spotlight (Now Here's a Real Comedian) 0:47
Birthday Wishes from Willard 0:13
Milfred Fitzrucker's Poem 0:43
God Likes Hyperactive Kids (A Tender, Funny Story from Mark) 5:19
"Hyperactivity" (Another Music Video) 3:06
Comedy Spotlight (Is This Guy Funny or What?) 0:27
A Word from Deacon Jones (A Local Cable Access Ministry) 1:00
A Special Report 0:48
Buses, Beds and Bill Gaither (Mark Tells a Very Funny Story About His Boss) 4:43
America's Most Annoying 1:18
Comedy Spotlight (Somebody Get the Hook!) 0:24
Fruit Juicer 2000 (Another Annoying Infomercial) 0:18
Dress for Less (Big Judd Brown Shows You How) 0:15
More Words from Deacon Jones (Not Again??!!) 0:32
"TV Tunes Medley" (A Sing-Along) 4:40
The Hair Loss Club for Men (A Testimonial) 0:36
Comedy Spotlight (Get the Remote) 0:21
A Really Special Report 0:11
Deacon Jones (A Prayer) 0:14
"Mary, Did You Know" (Mark's Serious Song) 6:08
Meanwhile, Back on the Bus... 0:04
Heeeeeere's Mark! (The Ending?) 0:10
Roll The Credits (Finally!!!!!!!!) 2:57


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