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Rich Mullins: Here in America

Album Info:

  • Release Date: 6-May-2003
  • Label: Reunion
  • Release #: 02341-0052-2


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A collection of unreleased live tracks and demos. This release also features a DVD with a concert from Studio B and 12 Short Stories Rich gave at concerts.

Track Listing:

Here in America (Songwriting Demo)    00:00
Teaching Awesome God (Live)    00:00
Verge of a Miracle (Live)    00:00
Be with You (Live)    00:00
O Come All Ye Faithful (Songwriting Demo)    00:00
What Trouble Are Giants (Live)    00:00
Praise Ye the Lord (Live)    00:00
Hello Old Friends (Live)    00:00
It Don't Do (Live)    00:00
Screen Door (Live)    00:00
Never Heard the Music (Songwriting Demo)    00:00
None Are Stronger (Live)    00:00
The Lord's Prayer (Songwriting Demo)    00:00


Musician Credits:

  • Rich Mullins: Songwriter, Keyboards, Vocals


Rich Mullins: Here In America
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