012 Russ Lee

Oct 21, 2020

During my conversation with Russ Lee, there were two phrases that kept popping up. First is that God has a perfect plan that He invites us to participate in. He lines up people and situations and invites us to travel life with Him. Unfortunately for me, at least, I find that sometimes I have to look back at my history to see how God’s plan brought me to where I am today. But just like the footprints in the sand, God is always there.

The second theme in Russ’s and my conversation comes from Exodus chapter 17, where Aaron and Hur supported the arms of Moses so that as his arms were raised, the Israelites would be victorious in battle. Russ talks about several people God placed in his life that helped lift his arms. He also shares stories about how he was able to lift the arms of someone else. Being an arm lifter like Aaron in the Bible is part of what I believe community is all about. It was good to hear how that community and support has been such a vital part of Russ’s life and ministry.

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