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006 Sherri Youngward

Sep 09, 2020

Every once in awhile I get the opportunity to meet someone whose faith walk impacts me in ways that I wasn’t expecting. My guest today is one of those people.

Being from the Pacific Northwest I tend to pay special attention to artists who come from my neck of the woods, and I started following Sherri Youngward because she was a singer from Seattle. When I had the opportunity to talk with Sherri, I was going to talk about what it was like being a northwest girl making music. But our conversation was quickly redirected as I began to hear Sherri’s heart of compassion and care. I knew Sherri had released some albums that came straight from scripture. But finding out that these records came out of times in her life where she was seeking God’s comfort changed the focus of our conversation.

I hope you are as deeply moved hearing Sherri Youngward's heart as I am.

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