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021 Lynda Randle

Dec 23, 2020

Of all the singers I’ve heard, there are a small handful of people that every time I hear their voice, I stop and just soak in the music… close my eyes and just basque in excellence. Singers like Matthew Ward, Russ Taff, and Ashley Cleveland who could sing the dictionary, and I would buy it. My shortlist of favorite vocalists also includes a pair of siblings, one of whom is my guest today. Lynda Randle is a singer who can SING! And obviously, I’m not alone in that assessment. Billy Graham, Andrae Crouch, and Bill Gaither have all asked to work with Lynda. Lynda is a Dove award winner and, oh yea, a passionate child of God who loves talking about the difference God has made in her life.

Here is the link to the article by John C. Richards, Jr entitled A Letter to My White Friend.

Lynda Randle: Website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. And don't forget to pick up Lynda's new Christmas album, White Christmas, available here.

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