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018 John Michael Talbot

Dec 02, 2020

Today I get to chat with John Michael Talbot. John Michael and his brother Terry had a Southern Rock band in the early seventies called Mason Proffit. They were a pretty big deal! Bands like The Doobie Brothers, Steely Dan, and John Denver were opening acts for Mason Profit! Eventually, though, John Michael and his brother left the band and rededicated their lives to Christ. John Michael went on to become a Roman Catholic monk and has released 56 solo albums in the past 4 decades!

Besides his music career, there are two things that drew me to want to chat with John Michael Talbot. You see, he has chosen to be very intentional about his walk with the Lord and also intentional about living in community. These are both areas that I am interested in developing in my own life, so to be able to learn from an expert is an amazing opportunity. And it doesn’t hurt that John Michael is a really smart guy and a dedicated scholar. But what is even more impressive to me is John Michael’s humility and love for God. I appreciate the way he is able to take some deep thinking and distill it down to illustrations that I could understand.

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