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The Choir and recording engineer Russ Long stream live concert

Nashville, Tenn. – MXL Microphones, Marshall Electronics, and StreamVu have partnered with The Choir, a GRAMMY®-nominated band based in Nashville, and Russ Long, one of the music industry’s most respected recording engineers, to stream live while the band records its upcoming live album. For the first time, fans will have a real time, behind-the-scenes glimpse of the creative process as The Choir lays down tracks in front of a live audience.

The band, consisting of original members Derri Daugherty, Steve Hindalong, Tim Chandler, Dan Michaels along with Marc and Christy Byrd will play two hometown shows that will be streamed live from a studio in Nashville to, where viewers all over the world can watch the band perform. Marshall, MXL, and StreamVu are providing the hardware and technical support to stream the shows. Russ Long will record the performances for the CD to be released later this year.

The project is made possible by Marshall Electronics’ IPTV solution, which includes Marshall HD mini cameras and a video encoder that allows the cameras’ feeds to be viewed online. IPTV enables bands and performers to set up at clubs and venues and live stream their concerts right onto the home pages of their websites. StreamVu, an IPTV content delivery network, will distribute the concerts from the cloud to internet-enabled devices everywhere.

The Choir will perform with MXL microphones and Sound Runner Cable by MXL. The performances will be viewable on as well as

The band will play songs from their new album, Shadow Weaver, along with fan favorites from their vast catalog, in two shows at Studio Instrument Rentals, Inc. in Nashville, TN. In addition to sound recording by Russ Long, the camera feeds will be recorded for later video editing. The current single “What You Think I Am” can be heard here:

“We appreciate the opportunity to take our hometown Shadow Weaver album release show and offer it worldwide via Marshall’s remarkable new live streaming technology,” says Dan Michaels, the band’s sax and lyricon.

Russ says, “This live album has been in the planning for over six months, and we’ve been determined to make it something extraordinary. Adding a live audio and video streaming element does exactly that. Ten years ago, I would have never imagined that this would be possible, but MXL, Marshall and StreamVu have somehow developed a remarkably high-quality live streaming solution that is amazingly affordable. And I’m excited to say that we’ll be incorporating their products throughout all aspects of the shoot, including the MXL microphones on the stage and the Mogami cabling integrated into the Pro Tools system.”

“Live streaming is the future of concert distribution,” says MXL Director of Sales and Marketing Perry Goldstein. “Bands can stream their own live content with a small investment in equipment and a CDN. Bands with a large, spread-out fan base, like The Choir, can use live streaming to reach their audience all over the world.”

Brian Arrowood of StreamVu says, "It's not often that you can be part of history, but this is one of those rare moments where something truly historic is taking place. A few years back, the idea of streaming a live concert was a major undertaking with a certain amount of risk involved. Now we are not only streaming live, but this is a live stream of a concert that will become a live album. Marshall Electronics is the only company I know that can make this happen. With broadcast quality encoders, professional MXL mics and the best (Mogami) cable in the industry, Marshall delivers. The cool thing is that not only does Marshall make this possible, they make it affordable."

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