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Sounds Familyre releases 'Goliath' on vinyl, Danielson + Steve Taylor announce spring tour

New York - Both collectively and individually, Steve Taylor & The Perfect Foil have long been known for doing things just a little differently. Such is the case with Phase Two of the release of the band’s debut project Goliath, this time coming out on premium vinyl March 31 via Sounds Familyre Records, the label founded by Daniel Smith of art-rock band Danielson.

"First, I’ve been a fan of Danielson almost since inception,” Steve Taylor says. “Second, my favorite music documentary ever is Danielson: A Family Movie. Third, the only record label mailing list I subscribe to is Sounds Familyre. So all four of us in the band consider it a privilege to become part of the Family."

Longtime musical iconoclast Steve Taylor teamed with powerhouse partners John Mark Painter (bassist and half of the duo Fleming & John), Jimmy Abegg (guitarist and former member of the California-based Vector) and Peter Furler (drummer and former front man of Australia-spawned band Newsboys) to create Goliath, Taylor’s first album project in more than two decades.

The newly shaped band completed a successful Kickstarter project last year, generating more than $120,000 toward both Goliath’s production and a summer 2014 teaser tour, and the subsequent album was released on CD and via digital outlets in November, 2014.

Now the project tackles 2015 with another form factor, a premium vinyl LP release featuring the original 11 tracks, co-produced by the band, alongside Menomena’s Danny Seim.

“Steve Taylor is a pro and he's just being himself,” says Sounds Familyre founder Daniel Smith. “Listen to that voice...they don't make them like that anymore. Is it possible to be a true rocker, an observer, a lover, and funny as anything? Yup, that's Steve Taylor. Sounds Familyre is thrilled and humbled to be releasing the LP version of this new album.”

Alongside fans like Late Night With Seth Meyers bandleader/Portlandia co-creator Fred Armisen - who put out a “public service announcement” on YouTube upon Goliath’s initial release: http://youtu.be/Ry9X_OjXjhE - critics and commentators agree on Goliath’s strength, noting the project is “wound tight and ready to pounce” (WonderingSound).

Throughout the 11-track album, Taylor, “unleashes his barbed wit” and “sounds refreshed and as energized as ever,” (Blurt) and Popdose says the band is “in tune with their rock contemporaries” including Spoon and The National.

“I remember seeing [Taylor’s previous band] Chagall Guevara live in 1991 as a teenager which was my first time seeing Steve Taylor perform live or hear any of his music,” says Sounds Familyre’s Scott Hatch. “It was truly a watershed moment for me. I'm happy to see Steve return to music with his wry lyrics and energetic approach and am excited to do anything I can to release the new album on an unsuspecting public.”

Steve Taylor & The Perfect Foil will also embark on a national tour with Danielson in the spring, with dates and locations announced soon.

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