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Royal Tailor announces plans for national 'Get Schooled' fall campaign

GRAMMY Award nominated pop/rock band Royal Tailor announces the launch of a national “Get Schooled” campaign. Geared to junior high, high school and college campus this fall the campaign aims to encourage young people who may otherwise feel hopeless or trapped by their circumstances.

Having toured the country, experiencing firsthand the plight of today’s youth—kids influenced by corrupt media messages or suffering in unhealthy home environments who turn to self-mutilation as well as drug and alcohol abuse—Royal Tailor feels a burden for this generation.

“The core of the issue is that kids are living a life void of vision,” says Royal Tailor’s Tauren Wells. “The Bible says that without vision people perish or cast off restraint. It’s time that we stop allowing pop culture to cast vision for our kids and give them a vision of who Jesus is and who they are in Him. That’s at the root of this campaign; it’s our response to what’s happening in our culture today.”

Royal Tailor’s contribution is a 60-minute, high-energy, performance-driven presentation at schools nationwide that inspires students to dream and to break the cycle of dysfunction in the world around them. The plan is to visit four different schools in a single city from Monday through Thursday. The week would culminate in a Friday concert where all students are invited.

“We want them to realize that thoughtlessly following the trends of pop culture will leave them with a pale pallet that will paint nothing more than a dingy future,” says Wells. “We also want to remind them that there is hope when they feel hopeless…that they have a future and it doesn’t have to look like their past.”

The band recently recorded a video appeal to fans on to help them raise funds to launch the first tangible expression of this campaign, a four city tour – which the band hopes can become nationally impacting. The band’s goal is to raise $200,000 by April 8 which would ideally fund up to a 64-school-tour impacting approximately 16 cities (an estimated four schools per city) starting with the band members’ hometowns of Battle Creek, Mich., Decatur, Ill., St. Louis, Mo. and Giles County, Va.

Visit to view the video and to learn more about how you can contribute. Also follow Royal Tailor’s fundraising progress on Twitter at