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Natasha Owens music video "We Will Rise" Premiers on New Release Today

Dallas, TX ---- CCM artist, Natasha Owens, has released a powerful music video in support of her new single, “We Will Rise” that is featured on her current EP No One But You. Co-written by Owens and her producer, Ed Cash, the song chronicles Owens own journey of rising above the heartache of losing her father and answering God’s calling to move forward in spite of heartache. The video was produced by Elliot Eicheldinger and The Hang Productions, and was filmed in Nashville, TN. The video premiered on New Release Today beginning last Friday.

In May 2010, Owens faith was tested when her 58- year-old father died from a tragic gun accident that instantly killed him. Overcome with grief, she retreated from life and found it difficult to heal. An unexpected opportunity to lead worship at her home church started the healing process for Owens, and that led to the start of her music ministry. She knew she had a message for the broken, hurting and disheartened people of the world, which makes her songs a personal message for the listener.

“God doesn’t call the equipped. He equips who He calls,” Owens says with stalwart conviction.“That has stuck with me and given me the courage to do His calling. If God is with me, I can do all things. I can do more than survive. I can thrive. If others can see the power of God to do such a work in my life and then translate it to their own, to really believe that they can do more than just get by, I’ve done my job.”

Story behind the song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LjGUTmsi__E&feature=youtu.be

“We Will Rise” is already getting a strong response at radio with early adds at KLTY/Dallas, TX; WDJC/Birmingham, AL; WJYO/Fort Myers, FL and WLBF/Montgomery, AL.The uplifting lyrics are resonating with listeners through the hopeful message. We will rise/We will rise/Rise above the ashes/Rise above the fire/Lift your heads/Lift your eyes/Jesus is faithful/Faithful to revive/We will rise, We will rise.

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